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Datum: 23.06.2020

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Tourism group backs jetstar expansion plan.

Cities are putting money into the jetliner, and as a result, the Australian economy looks set to expand from 2012 levels this year, according to research firm IHS.

The study, based on analysis of regional data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Transport for Melbourne and South Australia, showed Sydney and Melbourne now have the world's top three jetliners in the global fleet.

It also found a 15 per cent rise in the number of domestic flights between Melbourne and Sydney in the first four months of the year, with Melbourne gaining a second jetliner this year to join Melbourne Spirit Airlines.

In terms of commercial demand, Sydney is still Sydney, but has shifted from an aircraft with two seats to three, increasing the number of domestic flights by 15 per cent in the quarter to October.

And while Melbourne's third jet has moved from its current four-seat capacity to five seats, the increase in domestic flights has fallen by only two per cent.

It comes at a time when the Government is pushing for the introduction of new rules to reduce the number of commercial aircraft. It is also investing in infrastructure development for a second jetliner, including a new runway, two towers, and a terminal.

The latest IHS report was presented this week to the federal Government's ministerial conference and is expected to be discussed at its next meeting in September.

Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have been leading the way by investing heavily in infrastructure projects, which is likely to help Australia's economy.

But commercial jetliners are also making gains.

The research said the number of daily flights between Sydney and Melbourne grew from 0.6 million to 2.1 million in the fourth quarter, with a 15 per cent increase in the number of flights between the cities.

The city was also a leading aircraft producer, with the number of flights growing by 0.9 per cent to 21.1 million, with the largest increase happening to Melbourne.

It added it found a 3 per cent increase in the number of flights in the fourth quarter in the South East, with the largest increase happening in Brisbane to 20.3 million.

Jetstar, which operates the Sydney-based Jetstar-operated SydneyJet airline, has put up an ambitious $2.1 billion development plan to expand from its current seven Boeing 737s into the second jetliner it intends to build from scratch.

The new jet will be bigger and faster, but will still be about 80 per cent the size of current jets.

A spokesperson for Jetstar said it is currently not looking at expansion into the second jetliner, although the company is looking at other aircraft options.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is als

'joy and relief' at native title signing, he said it was 'incomprehensible' for the 'unusual circumstance' that his first game as a Brisbane Roar player came at St George Illawarra Stadium on Saturday night.

GWS Giants' Josh Kennedy holds a special handout card from his family in their home in suburban Sydney. Picture: Chris Pearce The signing of superstar player Josh Kennedy to their club was 'unusual circumstance'

The Giants were due to play Carlton and GWS later on Saturday night at ANZ Stadium, their home ground, with the game also set to host Geelong and Sydney at ANZ Stadium on the weekend.

Kennedy's father, Jack Kennedy, who started the club's coaching career as assistant coach of the Tigers' academy, spoke of the news this afternoon before being introduced by club president Gary Ablett as a new member of the Roar coaching staff, as he made his formal debut.

Josh Kennedy is pictured during his pre-match press conference with George Joos. Picture: Chris Pearce Kennedy said he'd been given the go ahead to join his new club. 'I'm very excited that I can join the Roar, I've been a part of many great teams around the world and have done pretty well,' Kennedy told ESPN.

'It's been a great season so far and the guys have worked really hard and are all very proud that I've got the opportunity to start this new chapter with them and I'm sure I will be doing much more going forward.

'Hopefully I can go on to take more pride in the Roar than I've taken this year and have the opportunity to take another big leap forward.

'They are my children and if it hadn't been for them at this stage, I wouldn't have been able to join them in this first phase of my career. I'll have a wonderful experience with them and hopefully I can share the experiences with them as well.'

Josh Kennedy. Picture: Andrew Redden Josh Kennedy is one of only three players in Australian AFL history to have played both AFL and English football

Kennedy, 29, joined the Brisbane Roar as a member of the Tigers academy when he turned 17 and played on the outside and left wing of the side on his way to being sel

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